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Pivotl KM is an additional service which enables insight managers and strategy teams to share intelligence with their entire organisation, not just a few select people, driving true collaboration and innovation.

Pivotl KM allows you to set up teams of users with alerts on specific topics, curate newsletter briefings to hundreds of people and share content directly into Intranets or other applications. Request a demo today.

Topic Management

Manage and create your own topics on any niche area using advanced keyword queries and use these to create your own Topic Library based on the exact industry categories or companies relevant to you and your colleagues:

  • Create topics using advanced query language and save to library
  • Analysts can store and save topics in central library
  • End users can browse topics from library or create their own

Live Alerts

Once a topic has been selected from the library or created directly, an end user can receive live alerts on topic intelligence from across all available sources at a time they specify.

  • Analysts can set-up alerts for end users or groups
  • Live alerts can be a single topic or combination (e.g VC and FinTech)
  • End users can share and collaborate around alert intelligence


Analysts or specified users in a team can curate Daily or Weekly Newsletter briefings. Content can be created from topic search results across all content sources and curators can add their own commentary as a newsletter post.

  • Recipients can easily uploaded files or select end users via platform
  • Recipients can be internal or external (eg. clients or partners)
  • Newsletter branding fully controlled by analysts

Group Management

Analysts can create and manage groups of users to receive live alerts or newsletter briefings.

  • Investment teams can manage subscribers directly within platform
  • End users can be allocated to groups - receiving alerts or newsletters
  • Groups can access to premium sources based on licensing terms


Analysts have access to analytics dashboard which allows tracking of all activity by user and topic.

  • View usage by topic, content source and individual user data
  • Analysts can use analytics to refine intelligence content
  • Analysts can analyze usage across premium sources

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